A journey through more than 40 years of P.S.I. history

Performance Sales International was formed in 1980, when equestrian legends George Morris, Frank Chapot and Paul Schockemöhle came together during the World Cup Final in Baltimore and conceived the idea of an innovative horse dealing venture. The businessmen reached out to the USA to offer horses from the largest breeding areas in Europe for sale. They chose promising, well-trained young horses that could easily suit the American training and competition circuit. Newport on Rhode Island was the first venue for the now 40-year-old P.S.I. Auction.

When demand for this auction concept arose in Europe after only two years, Performance Sales International returned to Germany and identified the ideal venue with the P.S.I. Sports and Auction Centre in Ankum, a location it has kept to this day. The international clientele, not only from America but now from all over the world, followed the Auction and has been meeting in Ankum, Lower Saxony, every year since then.


The 40th anniversary of the world-famous P.S.I. Auction: 2019 ended with this highlight and a cause for great celebrations for Ulli Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle. The Lewitz and Osthoff breeding facilities have developed into a unique gene pool in recent years and will continue to supply the auction collections in the future. For the 40th P.S.I. Auction, the two founders also received a special P.S.I. Award for their life’s work from their children Vivien and Francois.


‘Success made by P.S.I.’, a recipe for success that prevails even in times of Corona and nationwide lockdown. For the first time in the 41-year history of Performance Sales International, the event took place without an audience. Bidding on the selected dressage and show jumping collection took place exclusively by telephone after prior registration. However, the quality of the collection again left nothing to be desired this year.