Our Philosophy

Selection of the horses

The horses of each P.S.I. Auction collection meet the highest standards of quality, potential and pedigree. Born and raised at our own, established breeding farms Lewitz Stud and Osthoff Stud they are in our care and expert hands from the first day of their lives to the time they form part of the P.S.I. collection.

Training of the horses

The education of the P.S.I. horses takes place in the training stables of either Hof Kasselmann or Paul Schockemöhle. We make sure that the youngsters have time to grow and mature and are prepared by professionals in their field. We oversee each horse’s training path and progression and consider it important that they can form a trusting partnership with their respective riders in the months leading up to the  auction. Our team members literally know their equine charges inside out.


Our service does not end with the purchase of a horse at the P.S.I. Auction. Our  ‘After-Sales-Service’ allows us to support our clients with advice and expertise  on a continuous basis. Buyers furthermore receive a complete veterinary record of their horse. In addition we guarantee the smooth transaction and transportation process. Each P.S.I. horse is also insured for the entire purchase value for up to two weeks following the auction. Our clients may then take advantage of a continued insurance package with ‘R+V Insurances’ without having to provide a renewed veterinary exam.


Our support across all phases of the transaction is second to none. On request we assist buyers long after the purchase and either help train the P.S.I. horses or the new horse and rider combination. Our highly qualified riders and trainers are available to guarantee a successful partnership.

P.S.I. – when our customers are content, then so are we!

Your success is our motivation!

True to our mission, we are more than happy to organise your entire participation in the auction, from trying out the horses to looking after post-purchase requirements. Here you will find some information about the process, hotels and service offers. We’re here to help.


Information about the presentations, trying out of horses and the schedule of the auction.

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Your directions to the  P.S.I. Sport- and Auction Centre and See- und Sporthotel Ankum.

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Please book your accommodation directly via the booking form or through the auction office.

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Up-to-date information about this year’s P.S.I. Auction.

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